Cocktail and Bartender Courses


Would you like to become a bartender?

Vamos runs one day cocktail and bartender training for people who are looking for work in the hospitality industry. 

Student visa holders, working holiday visa holders, or anyone interested in working in the hospitality industry can take one of our short one-day courses and get a range of basic skills and knowledge required to start your new career!

What the course includes:

  • Different types of wines, beers and spirits – a general knowledge component  to familiarise yourself with the different products on the market and what the differences between them are… Do you know your Cabernet Sauvignon from your Shiraz? Or your Bourbon from your Scotch? A lager from a pale ale? 
  • Bartender duties – what is the basic knowledge that you are expected to have when working as a bartender?
  • POS systems – how do POS systems work and how do you use them? We’ll give you a brief run through on using a standard POS system so you don’t look like a complete beginner!
  • And now the fun bit… Cocktail making!
  • We will cover 5 different classic cocktails – margarita, mojito, espresso martini, pisco sour, and dry martini… 
  • You will pair up with a partner and get a chance to make each of them, and yes… You WILL get to drink them! 
  • We will also cover the ingredients and methods used in a range of other cocktails to prepare you for a job in just about any bar in the world! 

Courses are run on week days from 10am – 4pm and cost just just $99 which includes 2.5 cocktails (you get to share 5 in total with a partner!)

Just visit our EVENTS page to find the next available date.

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